Aerogard Insect Repellent Fabric Spray Odourless 150g

$15.25 each $10.17 per 100g


Aerogard Fabric Spray Insect Repellent Odourless
- Provides Up to 6 hours protection from mosquitoes.
- Also helps protect against flies and sandflies.
- Protects without applying to the skin. 
- Odourless. 
- Specially formulated for most fabrics.*
- Safe on Fabrics.*
- Non-staining.
- Quick-drying.

*Always test on a small area first before using on delicate fabrics. Not suitable for use on silk, chiffon, satin or leather.

Storage Instructions

Pressurised dispenser. Keep in a cool place away from heat and out of the sun. Do not expose can to temperatures above 50°C., such as may occur in cars, or near heat sources such as heaters, stove, or open incandescent material. Do not incinerate or puncture this can, even when empty. Aerosol should be completely empty before disposing. Dispose of can by putting in garbage or leaving it at an appropriate recycling collection point.